• Rabia Khan

Staying Productive During COVID-19

Life has become more challenging as we all do our part to help flatten the curve. Social distancing, business closures, working from home, schooling from home, and following CDC guidelines are the new norms that we all are trying to adjust to.

Here are some tips that has benefited my family.

  1. Designated work space. This helps us be more focused and keep distractions to a minimum.

  2. Start the day early. Starting at least a couple of hours before the kids are awake, gives us an undistracted quality time, where we tend to accomplish task that need our undivided attention.

  3. No pajamas. Our morning ritual hasn't changed! Putting on a work outfit (a casual day one) has helped us get ready for the office work. No slacks, no hoodies, no shorts!!!

  4. Knowing each other’s work schedule. We plan our individual day while keeping others’ schedule in mind and share it with every one in the family. This helps us to be cognizant of our commitments and availability.

  5. Taking turns looking after kids. Not just the other parent, get your older kids to take turns looking after the young ones, playing with them, feeding them or putting them down for an afternoon nap.

  6. Buying new toys/books/gadgets to keep kids engaged. No better time to buy new toys and books for the kids, this keeps them engaged and busy with the new item, at least for a few days!

  7. Getting kids involved in fixing meals. With teenagers at home, it seems that we have been cooking a lot lately, and I mean 'a lot'. Getting kids involved in cooking and cleaning the kitchen, buys us some extra time to catch up on a meeting, an email or a quick nap.

  8. Getting some exercise. A quick walk, bike ride or playing ball with the kids, helps rejuvenate the physical strength and keep those pounds off that are adding up too quickly.

  9. Praying together as a family. We have set aside a time during the day where we pray together as a family, listen to a spiritual lecture or read the holy book. This gives the spiritual nourishment that is much needed during this time.

  10. Keeping spirits high. Instead of talking about the negative impacts of COVID-19, we tend to focus and discuss the blessings in our lives and upside to the quarantine. Having an optimistic approach and being enthusiastic about being home-bound has helped us and our family stay calm and focus on the light at the end of the tunnel.

If there is an idea that is working for you, please share it in the comments. Would love to hear how the rest of the work force is handling the situation.

Stay safe!

Stay healthy!

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